Our History

Our society is enlighten with science. So, we can say that, nowadays we are free from any kind of superstition and miracle by the essence of science. Though some of the incidence occurs in our life which can not be explained by science. Like those some had been taken place during the establishment of ‘Bamdev Sangha Ashram’. Those incidents are unbelievable but true. In 7th of Ashwin, 1361 (eng. 24th sep, 1954 ), Maharshi Sri Sushil Kumar Bandyopadhyay, the disciple’s disciple of Tarapith Bhairav Sri Bamakshapa, established a new institution in 8, Pramanik Ghat Road, Baranagar, which was the residence of Sri Jatindranath Dutta. He established the institution with a no of deciples and named as ‘BAMDEV SANGHA’.

A trust board was formed for the direction of the institution by Sri Sushil Kumar Bandyopadhyay.The institution is chiefly engaged in propagation of the life of Sri Bamdev Baba and social welfare. After two years, a disciple wished to set up a statue of Sri Bamdev Baba. So there was an arrangement started to built up a temple and worship the statue. Maharshi bought a little land with his little capital, then along with a disciple Maharshi went out for the making of the diety.

They went to the famous artist of Kumartuli, named Sri Nitai Charan Paul along with a photograph of Bamdev. When they reached over there, they were just made speechless because, just to see them the famous artist told the cause of there coming. They asked, how could he knew about these cause. He answered that one stout pious ‘SADHU’ came to me this morning and called me out by my name. He told me to built up an idol of Bamdev Baba and give me a photograph of Bamdev Baba too. He also told me that in the afternoon two persons would come to you to make this idol. You please made it with a migre amount as they hav’nt a good wealth. He also added that this idol of BAMDEV would be the first idol of Tarapith to be worshiped.

The Sadhu also added the description of the two persons who would be came to me for this purpose. Now the Sadhu leaved that place, but the artist went behind him to know the identity of that Sadhu……he was nowhere. Hearing all these Maharshi wanted to see the picture given by the Sadhu and incidentally the both were the same. After the total incident, Nitai babu told that he would make the idol surely as he thought it would be a great fortune for him. He also added that for this work he would not mention any charge and whatever they could manage would give him as his loyalty. Then all the disciples and devotees raised some fund and gave it to Nitai babu . The idol is made up of plaster and white would arrange some stoute cement and weighing 9 mones or 340 kgs.

Now it was a great task to took the idol to Tarapith . It was decided that the idol would took by Gaya Passenger . Maharshi requested one of his disciples in Tarapith that he would arrange some stout men to carry the idol upto Tarapith from Rampurhat Railway station. Accordingly, Gaya Passenger reached Rampurhat railway station with the holy idol of Sri Bamdev Baba. But astonishingly there Was a big crowd of villagers from eight to eighty and despite of any colour , caste or creed came to see the idol once. As the route was’nt very improved then, so a big prossesion of villagers, disciples along with the people carring idol in bamboo and chord proceeded towards Tarapith. The victrious shout of all people changed the whole environment. After a few miles the barriers filled the idol got heavier, so they rested under a tree for few moments. Likewise they reached Tarapith by crossing the Dekhud Village ,the Dwarka River and went through the Saralpur Village. There, upon a small piece of land , bought by Maharshi, a small hut was made to place the idol. The holy idol was concigrated on an auspicious day of 15th Falgun,1363(beng.) [Eng: 27th feb, 1957]. From that day it was noticed that a black dog and a cobra used to sit beside the idol.

We knew that a black dog named ‘KALUBABU’ was Baba’s favorite pet. So, later by requesting artist Nitai Babu they made two idols of Kalubabu and cobra and placed those beside Baba’s idol. From then they were never seen . Eight years past with many norwesters which cursively flown out the roof of the cottage. At last in 1371(Beng.), [Eng:1964] started to built up the new temple and for this the idol was shifted elsewhere. When they struck the alter upon which Baba’s idol was placed, it just collapsed like sand and found a cobra’s nest. All were surprised and one question arose in everyone’s mind that how could it possible to place a 9 mones idol for these long period of time upon this wicken alter. The answer is still shrouded in mystery. After this incidence Maharshi told that “Baba himself is the imarnation of Devadidev Mahadev. And his name is BAMDEV”. From then Bamakshepa Baba was BAMDEV. In the auspicious day of Shiva Chaturdashi in 1965, Bamdev Baba was reinstalled in his own alter. In the mean time, the building work of temple got finished , thus gradually BAMDEV SANGHA ashram was formed.

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